Our Business Builds Your Business
  • We believe those who challenge themselves to become entrepreneurs are serving the world for the better. And doing right thing is rarely easy, but always worth it.
    Our mission is to support them in elevating their business to the next level !

    Invest & Innovate For The Life Of Your Business!

    LIFE OF BUSINESS helps small to medium sized businesses (SMBs) to achieve steady growth and reach to their ultimate potential on purpose through strategic and systematic investment and innovation.

    We have built a model and a factory to deliver.

Why Us

Passive Investment & Innovation For SMBs

In today’s fast-paced and competitive market, the key to sustaining and growing your business lies in continuous innovation to stay relevant and strategic investment for steady growth.
LIFE OF BUSINESS is a business development company that helps businesses within $120k to $3m net profit range to achieve The Ultimate Business Model through Micro Business Factory. It’s a game-changer for the businesses seeking steady growth and aiming to reach to their ultimate potential on purpose.
  • The Ultimate Business Model is a blueprint designed not just for profitability but for creating businesses that are also sustainable, reliable, and scalable over the life of business.

  • The Micro Business Factory is the most cost-effective and efficient delivery vehicle to enable the businesses to achieve the Ultimate Business Model in a strategic and systematic way, unlike consultants or advisors.
Help Is Who We Are!

Who We Help

Business Size

Small & Medium size businesses within $120k to $3m net profit and desire to grow with a plan.

Business Potential

Are you navigating the evolving market to unlock your business potential?

Businesses In Survival Stage

Are you battling negative cash flow, struggling to attract new customers, and operating without capital?

Businesses In Thriving Stage

Are you striving for consistent growth but feel held back by limited capability and capacity?

What You Get

Steady Growth

Go from 200k-$2m to $2m-$10m business that's not just profitable, but also reliable, sustainable and scalable on purpose for years to come in the current evolving and volatile market.

Business Development Partnership

Leverage from our Business development capabilities essential for the business to grow with min cost, time, effort, risk and headache.

Passive Investment Business Model

Safeguarding the existing business through a strategic passive investment with minimal capital and risk, offering a maximum ROI ratio through property investment.

Passive Innovative Business Model

Develop a passive innovative business model capability through strategic data-driven research & development to validate high-value business potentials.

How We Help

Create A New Market

Create a new product, service or Model to establish uncontested market space to render the competition irrelevant.

Innovate A Solution

Build a product, service, or solution that addresses unmet market needs within one year, based on data-driven market research.

Discover An Existing Market Segment

Target a new niche market in a competitive market by aiming to be one step above the existing market with your current products or services.

Strategic Investment

Create a profitable investment business model alongside the current business through strategic and systematic investments with unmatched ROI and minimum capital.

When & Where To Start

Business Consultation

Discover Possibilities

Whenever you need, or have a desire to develop your business, reach out to benefit from our no-obligation guidance and recommendations at no cost, and pay only for the services you choose.